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A/C Power Cable

The NBS III S is the current reference cable by NBS Audio Cables and the successor to the legendary Black Label III.

This power cord is again in a completely different league than, say, the Black Label II or the predecessor model, Black Label III.

The resolution is absolutely stunning and is created from a completely \"black wall.\" The details, plasticity, and especially the \"grip\", are certainly unique in the market.

Moreover, the NBS III S provides incredible bass precision and depth in addition to the large and deep space representation. This calm, this complete silence and serenity, is very impressive as well.

Even the former reference cable, the Black Label III, is literally outclassed because yet another, completely new quality has been achieved in all areas.

The resolution has been increased again exorbitantly. Live music au naturel. Pure goosebumps.

The cable lifts any high-end component to an unexpectedly high level and gives it its own character. In many pieces of music, you will perceive details that you simply weren\'t able to hear until now.
The entire performance gains enormous authenticity and physicality.

The NBS III S cable has by far the highest resolution of all NBS cable series ever developed!

Walter Fields put his nearly 30 years of experience into this cable and created his absolute masterpiece. The NBS III S.

The current retail price is $ 7,500.00

6-foot cable
In addition to the 6-foot version, a 9-foot version is available at no extra charge.

All other cables or cable lengths from this series or any other series by NBS available on request.

Due to its very complex structure, this cable requires a break-in period of approximately 300 hours.

You will receive a bill in your name with VAT specified as well as a lifetime warranty (for the original owner)!

Shipping worldwide: Padded double carton with shipping insurance (price on request).

We are very proud to offer you these low prices.

Price lists available on request.

Export price: 2.772,27 (outside the EU)

All cables are brand new!